Company operations are monitored by the Ministry of Production. Our offer features a wide range of services that meet clients’/ trustors’ need to not appear in front of third parties, and yet maintain full ownership of their goods knowing that they are safely entrusted to capable hands.

Taking into consideration the activity performed by our company, it is not superfluous to highlight that all operations are carried out under strict confidence and they are backed by special guarantees.
The fiduciary activity is performed by professionals admitted in their respective registers, who are constantly monitored by the Ministry that is in charge of their specific fields. The Ministry verifies that their honorability and professionalism meets the requirements.

Special legal limitation prohibit any merging of the assets belonging to the trust company and those belonging to its clients, as to grant a clear separation of such assets at any moment and preclude any claim from possible creditors of the trust company on the assets of its clients/trustors.

The experience gained in years of activity allowed the Company to hone its knowledge regarding specific kinds of operations, such as:

• registration, in the fiduciary company name, of property rights or other rights, bonds, shares of companies;

• management of the trustor’s rights, assuring compliance to all statutory and legal fiscal requirements;

• execution of possible trade mandates. When trading corporate shares between two clients of the same trust company (which remains the holder of such shares), it is not required for such a trade to take place as a “act in public form”, i.e. to be registered or authenticated as a private agreement by a notary;

• representation at shareholders meetings, exercising trustor’s rights or appointing a person delegated by the trustor with a specific mandate;

• taking part in the founding of new companies, reviewing (when requested) all provisions concerning the certificate of incorporation and the articles of association;

• taking part as shareholders in voting trusts or, more in general, corporate agreements, in order to assure a correct and secure fulfillment of the contract;

• registration in our name and/or management of real-estate;

• the registration in our name of credits in behalf of a third party and management of such credits (this is an instrumental preparatory activity for the debt collection credits);

• appraisals (appraising of company assets and shares of a company);

• performing the tasks as representative for the bondholders.