Following contract signature – trust mandate, “Gestioni Fiduciarie S.p.A.” is authorized to act in all issues involving third parties in its own name, but on behalf of and according to the instructions of the client – trustor, thereby granting full confidentiality concerning the name of its client.

In fact, the contract – trust mandate, obliges the trust company not to divulge to third parties, unless they are authorized, the identity of the client – trustor.

Moreover, the contract – trust mandate allows the trust company to offer its clients – trustor customized solutions in order to achieve a series of goals, such as:
• assure confidentiality during negotiations for the trading of shares;
• assure confidentiality in share management;
• organize all exchanges between partners in order to prevent possible controversies and manage conflicting positions;
• assure observance of voting agreements or side-letter agreements;
• coordinate the management of the client’s shares of different companies;
• pledge shares as a guarantee for funds granted to the trustor or third parties;
• plan the inheritance / generation succession procedures for assets;
• grant common representation for bondholders and shareholders.

The appointment of a trust mandate allows the client – trustor, with reference to the so called “unqualified” shares, to opt for a managed savings regime, which allows to apply a special taxation on the possible capital gain, thus letting the trust company comply with all the tax fulfillments. The clients – trustors won’t need to list this in their tax declaration.

Moreover, in the case of “unqualified” shares, the trust company can also collect possible dividends on behalf of the trustor, applying a special deduction, without the need to list them in the tax declaration or the need to list the personal data of the real owner in the tax declaration issued by the withholding agent.