The subject of the fiduciary appointment can be:
• holdings in limited companies regulated by the Italian law (namely: “Società Per Azioni”, “Società in Accomandita Per Azioni” and “Società a Responsabilità Limitata”), taken by direct heading, purchased by a third party through constitution, capital increase and transfer of shareholdings;
• holdings in partnerships regulated by the Italian law (namely: “Società in Accomandita Semplice” and “Società Semplice”), with the qualification of limited liability partner;
• loans and mortgages, interest-free and non-interest bearing, connected to companies participations;
• ordinary and convertible bonds; savings booklets, government bonds, collectives investments funds units, insurance policies and portfolio management;
• liquidity and credits;
• administration of assets, movable and real estate, with or without a header.