Among the other services offered by “Gestioni Fiduciarie S.r.l.” we point out:
establishment and management of the “Archivio Unico Informatico” (Law n. 197/1991);
• completion of the duty “Tracciato Unico” of the communications to the “Archivio dei rapport finanziari” (Article 7 of the Presidential Decree 605/1973 and “Provvedimento del direttore dell’Agenzia Entrate” n. 18269/2015);
• common representative role of bondholders;
constitution and administration of assets allocated for a specific business (Article 2447-bis and following of the Italian Civil Code);
administration of assets in the trustee role (Law n. 364/1989) and performance of the role of protector in the context of established trusts;
• constitution of security or pledge the name of the trust company, but on behalf of others, of bonds, savings booklets and securities in general, as guarantee of banking and financial transactions;
keeping of the shareholders and bondholders register and consequent civil, administrative and fiscal obligations;
• domiciliation of companies;
administration of assets to anyone belonging, donations, bequests, retirement funds of employees, pension funds of associations and professional associations, assets of absentees, foundations and any other asset;
execution of testamentary assignments, inheritance divisions and appraisals for the valuation of company assets and holdings.